Setting up payment module

Connecting Clustdoc to Stripe

1- Click here to open a Stripe account

2- Connect your account to your bank account and activate it

3- Enable Checkout - See how to do so here

4- In your Stripe account, go to 'Developers>API Keys' copy and paste your API key and secret API key and add them to your Clustdoc account.

5- Back to Clustdoc, click on your Profile Picture> Set up Team and go to Account Integrations on the sidebar to set up Stripe so you can receive payments through your application portals.

6- In your Clustdoc account, add in the fields Stripe credentials, other alternatives (Such as how to get paid by cheque or wire transfer)

Requesting CC payment


Go to your Process in Resources>Processes and add a payment request.

⚠️ You need to connect your account with Stripe first (it's easy). If you haven't done this yet, click here.


Visualizing the client payment experience

From your Process page, click on 'See as end-user' at the top right of the Process page to discover the payment experience. Clients will land on a Stripe payment flow and will be able to submit payments using most accepted credit cards.